Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oh ****... I mean oh crap

So this morning I woke up at 6:30. We had a friend from Hawaii coming to visit and the house was a MESS! I am good at 30 minute unclutter clean-ups. I had to work earlier than normal this morning at 8 (I normally work at 11 on thursdays). So I am so pleased with myself at how much I got done around the house. I turn on my car (with the auto remote start so not with the actual key) load my car with my purse and whatever other crap I felt I needed. Went back into the house to grab one more thing, locked the door from the inside and then shut the door. Right when the door shut I said out loud... OH ****!!!! I don't have my keys and just locked myself out of the house. I had a key hidden outside a month ago until I removed for some reason and it was in the house. Rillz was at work too and my dogs don't know how to open doors. I was freakin. I couldn't contact Rillz until I finally called that 411 thing to get the phone number to his work. I had to call the people I work for and THANK GOODNESS they were SO understanding!! Rillz is amazing and got home so I could get my keys. Thats all I needed was my keys. Everything else was already in the car. I felt so stupid, frustrated, annoyed. I got to work only 30 min. late thanks to Rillz's urgency. I thought my 12 hour shift at work today was going to SUCK! I mean it started out terrible. I get to work only to hear Jack yelling at his mom and being a pain in the neck. Oh great just add it to my day. BUT, Jack ended up being FANTASTIC today! He was great and just so adorable, even when he clogged the toilet right before bed. I didn't care. So what I thought was a day to put me over the edge turned out to be a great day! And tomorrow is Friday. WooHoo.



hate moments like that- thankgoodness for your man!


oh yeah- did you guys take that pic? it's beautiful!