Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look what I did in school today

Today was my last school day of the semester. People were asking me what I was going to school for. Well, let me tell you. I am going to get my associates in Early Education. Unfortunetely because of my full time job I can only do 1 or 2 classes a semester. I took the whole last year off because of family issues. Anyways, my class this semester is Inclusion in the Childcare Center. So we made name tags that even the visually impaired can read.

This is my school building. If you look closer in one of the windows today you may see...

This. Another art project. This was pieces of stuff on contact paper. Easy and fun for little ones.

Before school I went yard saleing. It was a good time! So excited and a thrill when you find something. The Abercrombie pants were $2, The tank top $1, the super cute dress $1, the book $.25, the fabric was the most expensive. $1 a yard so $4.25 for those fabrics. I didn't bargain the price because it was for a church fundraiser and I figured I can definitely pay $1 a yard.
In this picture... The metal "square" was $.75 and I needed one for the bed frame and dresser I am going to make. There were also air nail and staple guns that I really wanted but I held off. Haha sounds so manly. And then the leather and buckle clasp things were for Ren. I bought a whole box of leather making thingys and offered the lady $5 for the whole box. She said yes and then started looking in the box a little more and regretted it A LOT! I handed her $5 bucks and took off before she really changes her mind because I new I got a GREAT deal on this useless things to me (but not to Ren).

After school I went to go visit my Great Uncle at Elks (a rehab hospital) by my house. But I got a little distracted and went to some more garage sales and then to the Boise Co-Op. I really wanted cheese curds. I got the cheddar cheese kind. I was thrown off because it was white. I thought the cows automatically spirted out yellow milk for cheddar cheese. Hmmmm... oh-well. haha
I also ate half the bag by the time I got to Elks, which is a whole 9 blocks from the Co-Op.

This is my flower box by my front door. I love the flowers I chose this year. Last year I went a little extreme and bought a ton. This year I stuck with only planting four and it looks so good. Now the trick is watering them to keep them alive.

I planted snap dragons on the bottom but I don't think they like the cold as well. They seem a little sad already.

Yesterday Rillz and his friend Joe removed some trees for me. I am so excited! It is where my garden is needing to go so those trees just had to go first. Rillz is amazing and does what he can for me!

The type of trees that were there before
The cut tree pile. Looks like a lot of work to me. Unfortunetely I was working when they did this so I didn't help.

All clear! We just need to burn the stumps away. I can see clearly now the trees are gone... (did you sing that line?)

This is a small section that I have already planted peas, radishes, and carrots in. It looks like a whole lot of.... well, dirt.

This is my beautiful front lawn right now. See all those white spots? Yeah, well those are weeds. And that is pretty much my whole front lawn... weeds. The picture actually makes it look nicer than it REALLY looks.

Well, I am off to Caldwell now to hang out with Heidi and my parents. Then maybe spent more of my Saturday sewing, gardening, weeding, who knows. Have a nice Saturday my peeps! Peace and Love to you all!


HeidiT said...

Ahhh, cheese curds! I was just telling Ren on our drive home from school/work yesterday and we drove by the old cheese factory that I could really go for some squeeky cheese right now.


when you said sewing, it reminded me, did you ever end up getting fabric for your bedroom? did you decide? if you did, you should post what you decided on.

great finds- love thrifting

Kristi M. said...

We are with Heidi. On the way to Boise the other day, Jeff and I were talking about cheese curds. I have a dr's appointment downtown next week, I may have to stop and get us some. Your yard actually has grass there to work with. Just get the dandelions done with and it should eventually fill in. You also planted primrose in your boxes that won't stay the entire summer so you may want to think of some summer plants to fill in eventually. So you did get fabric. Awesome. Can't wait to get out and hit some yard sales soon.