Monday, April 19, 2010


Rillz and I took a much to quick trip to Portland, Oregon this weekend for a good friends wedding. I got off work at 6 pm and then we took off. Rillz had already taken the dogs to their babysitters (my parents for Simon and Kristi and Jeffs for Malu). All 7 hours there I rocked my dance moves and sang my heart out. Poor Rillz had to put with it because I am a bad, and I am sure annoying, dancer and a worse singer. We arrived around 1 AM portland time. We stayed at an EconoLodge motel. Usually motels are yuck but cheap. This one was cheap but very nice! They were re-done 3 years ago and had tile and granite in the bathroom and everything was intact. And best part was it was downtown and walking distance to almost everywhere we had to go.

The bathroom is what I now want to do with ours. It was small like ours but just felt more useful and better setup then ours.

Isn't it nice granite for a motel?

Saturday we woke up at 8 and got ready to head out the door. We went to a farmers market on the university campus and then headed down to under the burnside bridge to look around at the flea market. The atmosphere was everything I wanted and expected. Everyone is so friendly, laid back and helpful. Street music is easily found to just relax and listen to. Not to mention the weather was perfect for when we were walking around.

What nice otters
Rillz feeding the deer

Doesn't the guy on the right look like Mr. Noodle from Elmos World? I tried asking Rillz but he had no idea what I was talking about.

We started to get real hungry! It was only 11 and most places opened around 12. Rillz saw the restaurant Todai. I guess they have one in Hawaii too and it was an all you can eat sushi, noodle, type place. SO YUMMY! I would definitely eat there again. Besides coming out of there 5 pounds heavy and just about ready to fall asleep, it was great! We then did walk back to the motel and took a little nap before the wedding ceremony.
Get in my belly...
This was my last plate. I could not muster up the room to eat these last little pieces of fish. Poor things died for my pleasure and I couldn't even eat them. That is wrong on my behalf.

Plate one

Plate two (not pictured... plate three and four). Yes, big boy!

One disappointment... the desserts were so tiny. I mean, it really doesn't matter because it is all you can eat, but still.

You can't really see the white blob I am holding with chopsticks but... tiny. It looked like a snow covered deer poo drop

Is it legal to make a chocolate chip cookie SO small?

The church was very small and cute! Unfortunetly I didn't take any pictures there or really of any of the wedding. Not sure why but oh-well. The reception was at the Hilton downtown. It was nice and simple. Our table during dinner was enjoyable and good company!

This is how I felt after eating lunch!
Pretty trees

This is the ONLY wedding picture I got. Haha. Horrible of me.
We left the wedding and walked downtown Portland for a while. We heard a fun, energetic band playing on a corner so stopped to have a listen! It was so fun! My kind of simple good time. So I danced while Rillz watched me be my weird self.

I tried to upload the video I took for you all to enjoy but it didn't work. So here is a lame picture that does nothing for the senses.

Sunday morning we woke up and had the idea to go to breakfast. I googled breakfast places in portland and found the most amazing little whole in the wall called Fat Alberts! Great homemade food and great friendly service. We were very very pleased with that place! On our way to the freeway I just happened to see a store that said Goodwill Superstore! Yes, superstore after the goodwill! I my gosh, it was a MUST that I went. Being the very good natured man Rillz is he had no problems with my random stopping adventures. So we went in. WOW! It was huge. I was loving it. But I will save the rest for its own post later, thats how much fun it was!

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Need I say more?

Rillz loved this sign.

We finally got on the freeway after my goodwill adventure and garage sales. We stopped at Multnomah Falls. So pretty! We walked up to the middle bridge and decided that was enough in flipflops and headed back on the road.

It was SO busy at the falls. People everywhere and barely anywhere to park. But the weather was so perfect and the views just gorgeous.

With a little more singing and dancing in the car, we arrived back at 7:30 at pick up our very tired dogs! We wish we could have stayed longer but it was very nice to get away with Rillz for a weekend.


Kristi M. said...

I LOVE Multanomah Falls. Easy to get to, easy to stop, fun to see. Lots of fun. If I saw Superstore after a thrift store, I would have to stop too. You never know what awesomeness you might find inside. Fat Alberts also sounded so yummy. Those type of places are usually the best and cheaper. And chocolate chip cookies should never, ever have to be that small. BTW, Diesel is wiped out. I have never seen that puppy just crash inside the house. He was out like a light.

HeidiT said...

Sorry, but I almost gagged over your pictures of the fish plates. I don't think you'll ever convert me over to a sushi/unidentified fish type of girl.
I'm so jealous about the Goodwill store - I spend way to much time wandering around the aisles of our tiny Boise one, can't imagine the damage I would do in there!


wow, what a fast trip! We were actually in Portland on Saturday also, that would have been so weird if we ran into you! That's so weird to think you were so close by! All the pics of Portland looked accurate- hippy laid back vibe, music in the backround- good food and entertainment. pretty waterfall pics-

katy said...

I love Oregon. You always go to the best places. It seems like you and rillz have so much fun together. So when will we be attending your wedding? Just kidding. Kinda.