Sunday, June 20, 2010

Am I addicted...

to garage sales? I stopped at a garage sale on my way to work on Friday. I found some BIG finds. The only problem is I didn't have room in my car for them. Rillz so kindly went back to pick them up when he got off work.

One is this thingy. It is made of solid wood and it has wheels. I am planning on painting it some color and putting it in my bedroom closet and getting rid of my dresser. I don't know what colors or anything to do though. Any suggestions?
The inside of it. I just love it!

The right open side with no shelves has a clothes hanging bar on top. Ok crafty cousins... colors that would be fun for it?

Here is this chair I picked up for $5. I love the color of the material so that is staying and I don't know if I am up to re upholstering it anyway right now. But... I am going to paint the arms and legs. I am contimplating white but if there is another color that would go well with this yellow... I am open to knowing about it. I just don't know what would look nice with it.

I showed my dad the chair yesterday on skype. He asked... is it comfortable? My response "I don't know dad, I haven't sat in it". He can't believe I bought a chair with not sitting in it first. I did look on the bottom to make sure it was in good shape... but after that statement I can't believe that I bought a chair without sitting in it either. Haha... sometimes I wonder about myself. Turns out, I sat in it yesterday and it is comfortable. And I got three pairs of earings for free at that yard sale.

Since last Tuesday until this coming Wednesday I have been working at least 11 hours a day. I am becoming more exhausted with it. My body needs a day off. Every night I come home and don't want to do anything. Rillz has been so patient and loving. I can't wait until next Saturday for a day off! Oh-well, it's all worth the extra income.
Happy fathers day dad! I love you very much.
Ok I have to leave for work in 20 minutes so I better go get ready.


Kristi M. said...

How much did you pay for the wardrobe? Pretty cool. Reminds me of the one that I store my clothes hamper in on one side and other clothes on the other. I would just keep it simple myself. Probably white or black with distressed edges. Do you have a webcam set up? I really need to get one to talk to dad. Anyway, the chair is really cute too. I would probably go white on that to keep it simple, bright and clean looking. I have had no desire to yard sale this year. What is wrong with me. Maybe because I don't really need anything and maybe because it takes effort to get out of the car now.


OH MY GOSH- I am in love with that chair- and 5 dollars?! That is amazing! That will look so cute painted- Ok- white would look bautiful- but I think if you wanted to do a bold color it would look really good too, like a bright pink, or orange, or green, yellow matches alot of colors- so you could really do a contrasting color if you wanted something more funky, or bold. But- ofcourse- classic white is gorgeous too. Cool wardrobe thing. So is thrifting an arnold thing or what? I am so addicted to garage sales, craigslist, value village and good will. And Mike said I'm not allowed to get anymore furniture until we get a house- It kills me when I see great deals, and I can see the potential of an item, and I just have to leave it behind. I wish we al lived by eachother so we could just have project days together. It would be so much fun. I really feel for you on teh snoring- it is awful! I told Mike about teh nose strips and he has no faith in them- he's like "amy those won't work" and I'm like- Mindy said it worked for them!!!! ahhh men.

Danielle said...

Ummmmmmmmmm LOVE the chair! Great find! Holy smokes- I love love love it! I think that really ANY color would look great with the yellow! I particularly like BLUE with yellow. But ya know...whatever floats your boat! Good luck!

HeidiT said...

Love the great finds! Ahh, I have yet to go to any garage sales because I never have any cash on me and them this weekend I finally had cash and I even drove by a GREAT looking sale on my way to the gas station but I couldn't stop because we were headed boating. I'm planning on going more though once we find out what the baby is so that I can find some baby stuff.

katy said...

I think you seem a little addicted but I am just jealous. I like that things. looking at it from the outside you wouldn't know it had little shelves. What a pretty chair. I love it.

Megan and Greg said...

Holy cow that is a lot of work!!! I just don't think it's worth it, but I suppose it all depends on one's circumstances. Love the chair, I'm feeling something BRIGHT personally, but that's just me. More of a contrast, but the white is probably more what's "in" right now, which I never know anything about these days. That dresser looks awesome too. What a find! I need something like that bad, right now. I keep wanting to shop a garage sales but I don't have a truck or a man to lift anything for me. It creates a problem.