Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is great about Twilight?

Rillz has been interested in seeing Twilight this last week. Neither of us had seen the 1st or 2nd one. I am not to into vampire movies or any movie that is a bit far fetched. I rented both of those yesterday for Rillz and decided I might as well watch them. I mean, look at their fan base. It is frickin huge so there must be something I am missing about the whole series. Rillz and I didn't read the books either... Anyways, we watched one last night and then one this morning. It is a nice love story of a girl stuck between two guys. That always makes for a good movie except, one is a vampire and one is a werewolf. Come on people. This girl happens to fall in love with non humans when everyone in the town has no idea they are non humans. Rillz thought the acting was terrible, I thought it was decent BUT the wolves are SO unrealistic. Come on people it was, what, 2008 when it came out. They could have done a much better job. And the part when Jacob climbs up to her window at night was so retarded looking. Special effects are not special in this movie! It's a nice movie just to see but to be obsessed about? I don't get it. I would never care to be one of the first people to rush to the theatre and see it. I don't know if it is actually viewers thinking this is an awesome, well worth it series or if it is media and commercialized. I just don't understand how this movie got so much fame. Anyone want to help me out on this one. And, yes, I will rent the 3rd one when it comes to redbox someday but it isn't worth more than a dollar to see.


Danielle said...

HA! Okay- these movies are NOT famous because of the movies. The ONLY reason they have the fanbase is because of the books. People were obsessed with the books before the movies, then the movies came out- so it's like Harry Potter. It's just way fun for the fans of hte books to see it come to life. Ya know? I am obsessed with the books, and find the movies very fun. And I'm definitely going to see it opening day tomorrow! haha! You should try the books out.

Kristi M. said...

I was just waiting for Danielle to comment on here. :) I read all of the books and really didn't get into them as much as everyone else has, in not obsessed at all and felt that I wasted part of my life for reading them. If I remember right, the third one was the worst. I have no interest in seeing the movies. It does reminde me of the Harry Potter thing and I didn't read the books or see the movies either. Apparently not my genre. Makes me laugh that Rillz was the one really wanting to see them.


People are obsessed with the books- not the movies. And because they're obsessed with the books, ofcourse they support the movies, but that's NOT why they love them. I think most people will say, they think the movies are alright or good, but not amazing. It's the books they are obsessed with. I can't stand Bella in the movies- and I think most people agree with that.