Saturday, June 12, 2010

Doggy date

Earlier this week I found out that our local Petsmart was having a grand opening of a store/pet hotel. Well, hula was cancelled for today and I had nothing better to do. Yesterday I invited one of my best girl friends and her dog Whiskey to come with me, Malu and Simon. So we decided to meet at 8 a.m. The store opened at 9 and the first 50 people got a gift card anywhere from $5-50 value. Me and my dogs got there about 7:50. There were not to many people waiting. Ashley and Whiskey showed up at about 8:10. We both got gift cards. Mine was a $10 and Ashleys was $25. Our dogs were SO good. I thought Simon was going to get grounded to the car half way through but they were both awesome. Pesmart had a ribbon cutting and then in we went. Simon needed a nail trim and we just happened to get a coupon for a free nail trim or $9 off a grooming service. So, I had Simon and Malus nails trimmed and ears cleaned. Simon usually is very difficult to get his nails trimmed but was a good boy today and Malu was a good girl! Whiskey got his nails and ears done too. He liked stairing at himself in the mirror.

The ribbon cutting ceremony
Malu getting her nails done. She was shaking and made the whole table shake. Poor thing

Simon after his nails.

After that we walked around. They got bandannas to wear and around the store was all sorts of free items for your dog. I got a t-shirt, teeth bone cleaners, frisbees, and squeak toys all for free. We entered in all sorts of raffles. They were even giving out samples of their doggy ice cream. Malu and Simon loved it! It was lactose soy based ice cream for dogs and even people. We took a tour of the doggy hotel. The associates were so friendly and helpful! Whiskey was a little excited and threw up but other than that nobody pee'd or poo'd in the store. I thought for sure Simon would be lifting a leg to every shelf.

oops... sideways picture of cute little Whiskey after his nails and ears were done.

I bet this doggy inflatable costume was so hot.The dogs were getting tired.
This is the free stuff I got minus the gift cards and another 2 squeak toys and frisbee and t-shirt and more bone thingys. Thats a lot of free stuff! Woohoo.

Petsmart was taking free pictures of dogs and their owners and making them into buttons. Ashley and I thought it would be so cute to do us all together. The button turned out adorable! The whole experience left Ashley and me so happy and excited! Petsmart in Boise did a really great job at their grand opening! It wasn't too crazy and out of control, even with 2 dogs in tow. I guess this is what people do when they have no kids :)
This was the button. The picture turned out GREAT! The lighting, though, when I took this picture of the picture turned out crappy. But ya'll get the idea. Really cute. I am going to turn it into a magnet for the fridge.

After Petsmart Ashley and Whiskey came over to the house to play in the backyard. They are exhausted now. At 1 I went back to Petsmart because they were having a drawing for free $25 gift cards to 20 people. It was the only giveaway you had to be present to win. I entered at 12:45 and when they drew I won one of them!! I was so excited. But I am glad I didn't have the dogs with me that time. The store was much crazier and the whole experience would have been different.


Kristi M. said...

I would have loved to take Diesel if it wasn't in Boise. He would have loved that. You walked out with so much stuff! The gift cards are awesome. The button picture is actually really good too.

HeidiT said...

Hurley loved his little gifts. There's already teeth mark holes in the frisbie, the bone is gone and we decided to save the toy for another day because our home teachers are coming over tomorrow and I didn't feel like picking up fluff all over my floor after church. But he did get a sneak peek of it and I ended up having to hide it!

katy said...

You are such a good pet mom. How cool you have a friend that's a good pet mom too. You have a cool life. I swear. You seem like you are such a free spirit.