Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sprinkled drumsticks

Rillz and I were at Walmart and went down the ice cream aisle. Probably supposed to just be window shopping at goodies. Well, one thing caught our eyes... Sprinkled drumsticks! What! When did this amazing invention happen. We love drumsticks! So we got them. One of the flavors is even a new vanilla with cherry in the middle.

We get home and immediately rip open the box. Both of us go for the vanilla cherry. (We love trying any new foods, it's both our weakness). Anyways, we ate it and then discussed. Our mutual decision was that they weren't very amazing. The cherry in the middle was just sticky sugar that wasn't memorable. I didn't mind the sprinkles (mostly because I just like chewing the sprinkles individually between my front teeth), Rillz does not care for the sprinkles. Needless to say we will stick with other flavors of drumsticks. The Sprinkled ones were simply appealing because they were new. No need for us to purchase them again.



haha- i liked the part about eating the sprinkles by themselves with your front teeth-