Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby shower gifts

Haha, first, thanks dear cousins for explaining that it is the Twilight books that everyone is obsessed about. I do remember Kristi saying a while back that she read them all and did not like the series. Maybe its like Harry Potter, which, Kristi and I both dislike too.

So last Saturday Kristi had a baby shower held by our hula friends. Heidi and I refused to through her one since she is having another boy... so other people thought we were not being nice and gave her a baby shower. But, I did make some things for baby Breckin. Let me share how cute they are (anything baby is typically just adorable).

Here is Kristi. Looking pretty good for 13 days left till Breckin pops out to say hi

I made this onesie (Rillz calls a onesie a baby full piece body suit). It says bite me and then what you can't see very well in the picture is the animal cracker on the left has a bite out of him and some crumbs left. It's pretty cute if I do say so myself I made these baby booties a while back. I still have more that are not complete. But they are simple and fun to make.

I whipped out these animals the night before the shower to kinda match the animal theme on the onesie. They turned out a little goofy. On the backs of the animals is soft cuddly materials.

Here is a shirt I made for Gunnar. It says I'm the big brother and then has Woody on it. I got the shirt from walmart and thought the style and colors would match Woody, and it did! Gunnar just loves it!

Gunnar was a great help in opening the gifts. Here is what I wrapped Kristis gift in. Black tissue paper and silver bag. Kristi sarcastically tells me, "wow, you sure wrapped the gift perfect for the occasion". Ok, so I can make things better then I can wrap them... back off.

Just to let everyone know, this is Gunnar's baby belly picture. Yes, he has a baby too. His babies name is Thomas Brent. hmmm... what's he going to do when his baby never comes out? Gunnar has had a baby in his belly this whole time! Every since Kristi told him she had a baby in hers. Crazy kid.

Congratulations Miller family. Rillz and I are so excited for your growing family! We love you.


Kristi M. said...

Just to clarify, I was also not in support of a baby shower so I was also in agreeance with you guys on the ban but it was fun to get together with friends and the few things were fun and helpful. Gunnar LOVES that shirt, I love that shirt. It is so cute. This all probably a huge learning experience for Rillz. It really makes me laugh-3 babies in one year for you guys. I still can't believe it. All a couple of months apart. Okay so in that top picture my face does look fat. In real life it doesn't look that big does it?

HeidiT said...

First off, I tried to read the books and they were completely dumb to me. But I don't tend to like anything that is not at least a little realistic.
All of the things you made were so cute! Can't wait to see what you come up with for my little Camden.


cute stuff!!!!!!

Megan and Greg said...

Who doesn't like Harry Potter? Are you a mad woman? I love twilight. I HATED the 1st movie, loved the 2nd and can't wait for the rest! But the books were AWESOME!!! If you like the love story, it is WAY BETTER in the books. So you might want to read them. But beware, they're not the BEST books on the planet, they're just fun! I can't believe you made all that stuff. You are really talented! How did you make the onsie and shirt? You just ironed on a pic? What did you do? Where/how did you do it? Super cute!