Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 12 and 13 of remodel

A lot got done on Friday and today. Ren came over and finished the sanding and put up the molding. It looks AWESOME! It is ready for me to prime and paint!

Looks great. Lucky us, Ren used to do molding, painting professionally. So he really knew what he was doing!

Working hard...
Look at the finishing detail on this end piece. So nice!

Later that night Jeff and the whole family came over. Gunnar was a great little helper and Brecken was a great cryer and Kristi was a great paint picker helper. I always love seeing either of my sisters though so that was fun. Anyways, Jeff came over to help with the floor. We realized our floor was REALLY uneven. Jeff decided to go down in the crawl space to make sure our kitchen floor was sound enough and the beams were going to support the weight over time. I was nervous that we were going to hear bad news and that we would have to replace something under the house. But, nope. Safe and sound! We didn't get the floor evened out Friday night and the Miller family left at almost midnight. Thanks for staying so late and helping!

Gunnar loved weiring those eye goggles. What a good little helper!

Our own man hole at our house. This is our crawl space. Kinda weird and different than a newer houses.

At least the crawl sapce is lined with plastic and somewhat clean. This is under my kitchen/house.

Ahhh... cute.

Brecken... always eating

Saturday morning remodel started early. I had to go to Home Depot to get levelquik to fix the floor. Jeff and Gunnar came to help at 8. We ended up having to cut a hole in the floor because there was a bump too big to sand or level out. At the end of a long remodel day, we almost got the floor leveled, we have a plan for laying the tile and had a successful day of nobody getting hurt! Tomorrow I am going to get painting done on the "cave" and the paint color Kristi and I picked out for the cabinets!
The leveling stuff. This is what our floor looks like now


Kristi M. said...

Nice little legs sticking out from under the blanket. Jeff said that you guys didn't get as far as you had hoped. However you are making progress everyday. When you get the painting done, things will look way more finished.

Megan and Greg said...

Man, you have been at this a long time now! But it looks like the end is nearing! WHat a difference the finishing touches can bring! Those sideboards around the edges make everything look so nice! I can't wait to see the end result!