Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kitchen remodel day 5

Rillz and Jeff started working on the floor at around 4:30 yesterday. Of course they had their trusty side kick Gunnar. Gunnar was afraid to go into the backyard because he didn't want Simon to get out again. Rillz and Jeff got all the wonderboard cut and laid on the floor. Jeff showed us how to adhere the wonderboard so Rillz and I can finish doing it all this weekend. Then Jeff will come back over sometime next week to show us the tile part. Jeff and Gunnar left at 9:30 and we were ALL so tired. Rillz and I still needed to get the mud up on the fridge area. Poor Rillz had to put up with me because I was exhausted (of course he was too) and just whiney. We got done with it, Rillz did more than me, and went to bed at midnight. The week of late nights and early mornings is getting to us. Rillz woke up this morning so sore! He said he felt like he worked out at the gym all day yesterday. Today Ren is planning on coming over to help with the "doorway" I think. I am not totally sure but I will find out! Now I am off to go get my nails done.

Can you believe Jeff is helping us with all this when he is 7 months pregnant? Crazy. He better take it easy.

Laying the stuff that wonderboard sticks to. (Forgot what its called) Thinset maybe?

Working on the fridge cave

The wonderboard all laid and cut on the floor


Lindy and Bryce Ellsworth said...

How exciting to remodel your kitchen. I'm so anxious to see pictures of it when it's all done! Have fun!

Kristi M. said...

Jeff pregnant...haha! Rillz is getting a great workout. Jeff said he made him do most of it so that he would understand the process.