Monday, July 26, 2010

kitchen day 8

Good thing we took Sunday off because after I got off work today we really worked hard. Rillz had sanded the fridge cave and put up another layer of mud. We continued to mix thinset and apply it to the floor to adhere the wonderboard to the floor. It's the only time I am happy our kitchen is on the smaller side. It will be well worth it but just putting the wonderboard down so we can put the tile down is a lot of work. My knees are really angry with me right now and I am pretty sure in the morning I will discover muscles I didn't even know I had. Tonight was still a successful night and now that its 12:15 I am ready to retire to bed until morning.

Jeff was so kind and patient to show us how to do the tile process. Well after you lay down the thinset and wonderboard you have to step all over it. When Jeff was doing the process it looked like a dance and had Rillz and I laughing to ourselves. Tonight, Rillz and I decided to record the "Jeff Miller dance" for all to know and enjoy.

Sweeping, sweeping all day long...

screwing in all the screws for the wonderboard are a killer.

We took off a strip of wonderboard to prepare the floor for the thinset and it looked like an airport runaway. Up, up and away!

The sanding and mud work. All Rillz and Ren. I had very little to do with that.

Day 9 will consist of Rillz and Ren working together to get the doorway trimmed up and the dishwasher space cut out. Ok goodnight yall


Kristi M. said...

What is up with that dance. It had me laughing to myself too. Pretty funny. You will be so proud of yourself when this is done.

Megan and Greg said...

That video was funny. It was nice to get a glimpse of Rillz's personality. Pictures only give you so much. Isn't it nice to have strong men do all the work for you? (atleast a lot of it)

Danielle said...

haha- that video was funny- love it. It looks like it's comin along!

the dance master said...

Mindy, a little safisticated Hula will do the trick. Nice job Rillz!
I needed a good laugh.
Lookn good, you guys should start the MiRill kitchen remodle network. I will even let you use the dance as the trade mark for you advertising campain.

Love you guys.