Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I feel like a hoarder

Since our kitchen remodel, we have things EVERYWHERE. Dining table, curtains, chairs, microwave in bedrooms. Silverware, fridge, oven in the living room. Everything is covered in saw dust. Our house is small so when something is misplaced it's very obvious. This last week in a half I feel like I belong on the hoarder show or clean house show. Oh yeah the best misplaced thing is yesterday I was given a crib for free and I want to wrap it in plastic before I put it in the shop so it doesn't get dirty. Well there is NO room in the house and we put it in Rillz's Honda Civic hatchback that isn't working for safe keeping until I get to wrapping it up in plastic. How bad is that. (And no I am not pregnant. Haha). Now I have a glimpse of what it would feel like to live in a hoarders/ non cleaners house.

Beautiful isn't it...

My poor living room. There is even a door blocking my front door so we can't open it.
Those red drawers are my kitchen towel, silverware, and utensil drawers. I went to eat my cereal this morning and couldn't even get to the spoons.

So this is what we are living in! Hopefully not for much longer. I just keep telling myself... it will be so worth it and look great when the remodel is done!


Kristi M. said...

I love the little dust path to the couch area. Jack must finally be out of his crib? Yeah! Totally cracks me up how you are slowly getting all of this stuff for free. Back to your house...that will not be fun to clean and I would be so frustrated.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh it will be so worth it. You will be so glad. It's a mess, but totally understandable and it looks NOTHING like a hoarder's house. Have you seen that show? Scary!

HeidiT said...

Ren told me Jack had upgraded to a real bed...finally! Hopefully the madness doesn't go on forever and you will get everything nice and organized again. At least Rillz is not one of those people that start a project and then slowly finish it over a matter of months or years - there is an end in sight!

The Clean Factor said...

Now that the major demo is done and once you finish getting the dry wall sanded you should do a little intermission cleaning. Then move the fridge and dishwasher to one side and the door some where out of the way, this will help to create a place to walk and allow the chi to flow through the room. Then put up a plastic wall to reduce any further dirt from getting throughout the house( something we probably should have suggested earlier) We recommend keeping your work site clean on a daily basis, it keeps things working more efficiently. Kind of like having a tool belt.
Hopefully these simple tips will help you to get you chi back.
We are glad we could help catch this in time. Keep on sweeping:)