Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitchen remodel day 2

Day 2 of the kitchen remodel was July 20, 2010. I was at work until 8 p.m. so couldn't help much. Before work Rillz and I checked out places for tile. We heard from Jeff this place called Daltile that had a "yard sale" section. Pretty much tile that was left over from projects and discontinued tile. There are stacks of tile and you have to buy the whole matching set. We lucked out and found a stack that we could live with and was at a great price. There were enough pieces to do the entire kitchen and some. It is porceline tile and was .75 cents for a 13x13 piece. And .10 cents for 6x6. Original prices for the 13x13 is $6.50 for one piece and the 6x6 pieces were originally $7.50. We paid $200 for approximately 200 square feet of tile and all the extra little pieces. If we paid full price it would have easily been over $1,500. Talk about savings.

Our stack of tile for the floors, possibly countertops/backsplash
Malu wanted to show off the tile too.

The rest of the day did NOT go so well. Ren came over to help with electrical. The electrical was old and I guess very difficult. They successfully got it done though.

Kristi, Jeff, and the boys stopped by because they were in Boise anyways. Well, Gunnar started acting kinda strange and telling Rillz the side door HAD to stay shut. Then Gunnar would lock the door. Rillz thought he was acting strange. Come to find out, Gunnar had let out Simon and didn't tell anyone. Let me tell you, when Simon (our little black dog) gets out it takes a while to get him back in. Since Gunnar didn't tell anyone that he had been out, Simon had been roaming for a while. Everyone searched the neighborhood for hours. Nobody could find him. I got off work and searched. Nothing. I posted a lost dog ad on craigslist. I was crying and could not sleep last night. I said a little prayer at 10:40 pm. to help Rillz and I sleep and pray that Simon was ok and had water. At 10:42 my phone started ringing. It was some lady who had found Simon and picked him up. She happened to find my craigslist posting! Oh and Simon didn't even have his collar on. It was such a blessing or else I would have gotten no sleep. Yesterday was a long day and I was glad when it was over!
Welcome home Simon.


Kristi M. said...

Searching for hours was not even fun for that little dog. I am so glad that he was found safe and he went with that lady. Thanks for letting me borrow your bedroom to feed Breck. It was the only non dust covered place in your house. You are going to have so much fun cleaning everything!

HeidiT said...

You will love having the tile! And it looks like you really lucked out with finding a good style too. I have Gunnar right now here at work and I asked him about Simon to see what he would day. According to him, he was skateboarding and got a scratch and was trying to look at it/take care of it when Simon "pushed" the door open and ran out.