Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bedroom chair and curtain

A couple weeks ago I finally started on the bedroom curtains. My old ones were red which did not go with what I have in the bedroom now. So, I got a big painters canvas and folded it in half and sewed it up. The brown strip was from a curtain I picked up for .50 cents at a yard sale. The brown curtain was actually the matching curtains with our bedroom suede comforter and pillows. Unfortunetly, there was only one curtain but it worked out because with the light colored canvas it brightens the room more than if we had all brown. I only have one done so far though. The other window just has the plain canvas not even sewn yet.
The curtain lets light in. I actually like it because I wake up naturally at about 6:45. So seeing the sun so early makes me smile! I like the curtains because they are nice and simple. I had a lot of other ideas like making a sparrow and branch to sew on it or making another brown strip under that one but Rillz said I should just leave it. If I wanted, I could also turn the curtain upside down so the brown is on the bottom.
See the window behind the bed... I need to make that curtain. I just stuck the canvas on the rings. Good thing it is behind the bed because I haven't cut it to the right length either so there is a bunch of extra on the floor.

Also, Rillz painted my chair for me. I didn't even ask him to. I thought it was so sweet of him. Just one more project I can cross off. Thank you Rillz for helping me out! I just decided to go with a fresh coat of flat white. Our bedroom needed something simple to open up the corner. I love how it looks. Rillz thinks the chair looks like it belongs in an old haunted hotel. Oh-well, I love it!

The finished chair. I am kinda having a hard time with just the white. I am a bold color sort of person so to have just white is different. But I do like how clean it makes that area in the bedroom. The pillow is a bit to big for it as well. Oh-well.

The whole corner.
Malu always has to be in the same room with me. She decided to just chill and let me take pictures of the chair/curtain.


katy said...

I love the curtains. Very creative, I would of never thought of using painters canvas. I love all your pillow too. Did you make them. The chair is so pretty. It looks brand new.