Sunday, February 28, 2010

Albertsons...will you be my best friend

because I love love love how much money you save me! We can push around carts together and get fat together with all those snacks and cereals you give me, we can watch a movie together from redbox. Be my BFF! Anyways I went couponing this morning. Happy!

I will share my deals with you but first, last night Kristi, Heidi and I had a hula performance in Boise so I decided to invite them over along with Ren, Jeff and Gunnar for dinner. It was a blast. I never have people over for dinner! I got to use my bigger pretty platters. So after dinner us girls did a performance at a wild turkey convention. Ok what the heck? Wild turkey alcohol? Wild turkey like turkey the country? No, wild turkey like gobble gobble, the bird. It was the 20th annual wild turkey convention. Their theme was luau. So we danced while they ate with guns and camo and fake turkeys around. Some of the things we dance at are so weird. But they were nice people. And Kristi put on her first costume and wow, you can see the start of her baby bump. It's really cute! Then we came back and had yummy dessert that Heidi made.

Ok for my couponing deals....

I did three different transactions to get these deals.

Transaction #1:

I bought
2 bagel bites
8 frozen old orchard juices

With coupons and doublers I paid $7.98 and I got $10 to use next time I shop (called a catalina at Albertsons). So pretty much I earned $2 from that transaction. Without coupons I would have paid $23!

Transaction #2:
I bought
2 boca vegetarian meat products

8 frozen old orchard juices

I used coupons plus the $10 catalina I got from transaction #1 and paid $1.10. Plus, I got another $10 catalina for the use on my next transaction! So I just earned $8.90 to shop! Without coupons I would have paid $23

Transaction #3:

I bought

6 purex detergent sheets
2 fresh express salad mixes

1 Dreyers ice cream

2 bagel bites

3 jose ole taquito/taco product

4 boca vegetarian meat products

I used coupons plus the $10 catalina from transaction #2 and paid $25.33. Plus, I got another $10 catalina for the use on my next shopping trip. So it's like paying $15 for all that. It would have been $9 cheaper if I didn't buy the purex but I wanted to stock up seeming how they are normal $9 for one and I got 6 of them for that price. Anyways without coupons I would have paid $98.94. Wow thats crazy.

So all together for 38 items, out of my pocket I paid $34.50 plus I still have $10 to use on my next shopping trip. I really should have spent $146! That is less than a dollar per item and thats what I call fun!

Do you have an albertsons near you? Most of these coupons you can print on the computer (bagel bites, old orchard juice, jose ole coupons, ore-ida mashed potatoes, hot pockets/lean pockets) The deal is buy 10 participating items and get $10 in catalinas. So print 2 of the old orchard coupons and 2 bagel bites coupons and try the first transactions. And in the sunday paper is doublers. Which will double the value of those coupons up to a $1 (can only use 3 at a time).

Also, I went to Walgreens. I had to buy feminine products for cheap! I am sick of not getting in on these deals and having to pay full price for tampons. So hopefully I have learned my lesson.

I bought

4 kotex tampons (18 ct. per box)

4 starbucks frappuccino drinks (I am obsessed with these and they are too spendy normally so for $.25 a piece I had to get some)

After coupons I paid $10.98 BUT I got a $5 Register Reward (register reward is the same thing as a catalina but walgreens just has their own name for it). So without coupons I would have paid $25. Pretty much a $19 savings. Not bad!

Well gotta get back to my sunday of cutting and organizing coupons, watching olympics and eating my now cold vegan kashi pizza.
p.s. Kristi and Heidi, could you see me riding my bike bringing home all these items. haha, of course I ended up taking the truck.


Lindy and Bryce Ellsworth said...

Hey Mindy! How are you? I recently went to a couponing class and now I'm totally interested in doing it. Soon enough I may start to get the kind of deals you blog about, I'm so excited. I might have questions for you once I start the whole process. Anyways I hope life is wonderful for you. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Kristi M. said...

I would have loved to see you ride your big with 30+ items. I would be laughing my head off. I can't wait to get out tomorrow and get some of these things. Awesome job!

HeidiT said...

I just got all my expired coupons thrown out so that I can get ready for tomorrow's deals! We definitely knew you would not fit all of your stuff in two bags on the bike :)

Danielle said...

Oh man. You girls are sooo good at all this stuff. It all seems so exhausting to me. I think I need someone close by to help me along.

By the way- I never commented below- but your last blog, with the jewelery board...I LOVE IT! I LOVE the colors, the design, everything! So so soooo cute. And I loved your end table too- awesome.