Monday, February 22, 2010

Jewelry holder...old and bold

Ok, I got the idea to make a jewelry holder when I saw Kristi's on her blog. My mind went crazy thinking of ideas. I am definitely not as creative as Kristi but I quickly got an idea. I wanted to use peg board as the background. For a frame... Friday night after work I went searching thrift stores. In the corner of the store I saw this ugly thing. I believe it is the frame to an OLD tv. I had peg board on the side of my house... I went to go get it and to my surprise I could not find it anywhere. I really think someone stole my peg board. So lame. Anyways, my dad had some so I used his instead. He helped me cut it to the frame. Enough typing... here is the project in pictures... and I LOVE it. I can't stop looking at it and smiling in disbelief that I thought of this idea all by myself. (Typically I am one of those crafters that copy an example to the T. Not this, I have never even seen anything like it). One more thing, I named this project Old and Bold because the frame is the distressed look and the peg board is very bold colors and pattern.

The ugly thrift store t.v. frame.

Plain ol' peg board. (I swear someone stole my peg board from my yard. Who the heck would do that... So dumb)
I painted the peg board brown first

I called Kristi earlier that day asking where has a good selection of stencils... she then told me to look in the specialty paper aisle of the scrapbooking section to find cut out papers. So this design came from cut out scrapbook paper. My sidewalk is now nicely spray painted brown, red, and orange too around the edges that I didn't cover enough. :) oops.
Ugly frame getting spray painted red. Now ugly frame getting painted yellow... or gold if you ask Glidden. I decided on this color to match my end table so now I can have two things that match nothing else in my bedroom. I am so wise sometimes... Don't just have one unmatching thing in the bedroom, what the heck go with two.
I sanded down some of the yellow paint on the frame so the red shows through. Can't really tell though. So, I put the frame and board together and then also attached the metal rod to the bottom. This metal thingy I found in my shop that was in there when I bought my house. I was looking everywhere for the dang peg board and looked up in the rafters to see that metal. I immediately got the idea to hang earings from it.

Some jewelry in place. I took these pictures at night in a very bad lit area. I will try and post better, more clear pictures.
Another bad picture, this time with the flash covering half the picture

Earing holder. I think this metal thingy is normally something used with adjustable shelving.
My ring hook. I bought a pack of peg board hooks that are normally perfect sizes for particular types of tools. Works great for different types of jewelry. I can move any of the hooks with ease anywhere on the peg board.
The best part of all this is NOTHING IS PERMANENT! I mean nothing! I can flip it long ways just by removing the metal earing piece and replacing it with the longer piece that I already have cut for that purpose. Or if I want to repaint the frame or peg board just unscrew it with ease! So versatile. Now I can easily see all my jewelry (except for earings that aren't the hooky kind) which makes it easier in the morning to find something!! I also paid a whopping $11 for everything! The frame $3, the pack of 40 different hooks $6, the scrapbook paper for the background design $2, peg board was free, paint was what I already had around the house, and metal rod came with my house so free. It was fun to do too and can be done in a day.


Kristi M. said...

SO AWESOME! I love it and you can totally see the red coming through. It gives it old, worn dimension. That totally looks like an old tv frame. The shape is great. The pegboard idea is fantastic. I love how you can use different hooks for totally different things. Apparently you guys figured out how to cut the metal piece. Did Rillz use the power tool? Great job!!

Megan and Greg said...

Wow, super cute!

HeidiT said...

Looks great! I love how you made a place for the earrings too.