Tuesday, February 2, 2010


With couponing I am always looking for cheap dog treats. Dog treats are so stinkin spendy and I can never find any at a price that I am super happy to pay and want to stock up on. And with 2 dogs, and me who likes to teach them tricks with treats, I go through them at a steady pace. Well tonight I needed to return redbox movies and decided to run into Albertsons to get my free pack of Golden stuffed oreos that I had a coupon for. I paid for them and as Rillz and I were walking out I spotted a cart full of discounted dog treats. As we were looking at them I realized I probably had coupons for some of the brands. I ran to the car to get my coupon binder (yes, an actual binder just full of organized coupons) and to my happy surprise I had plenty of coupons for the brands that were in the cart. Before coupons and discounts I would have spent $39.31 and after the discount and coupons I paid $2.88 ($1.13 of that total was tax). Thats $36 in savings. I got oreos and 12 boxes/packages of dog treats for only $2.88. Thats awesome! Now thats a price I want to pay!! I love surprise finds.


Kristi M. said...

I am so jealous that you found all of those dog treats so cheap. I am always looking for those too. They are not cheap. I am also jealous that you got your oreo coupon already.

HeidiT said...

Ughh, I always look for dog treats and they never have any on sale! I'm jealous - that many would keep use stocked up for ever at my house because Hurley only gets them every once and awhile.