Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rillz's Birthday

Happy 31 birthday Rillz!! Haha. He feels so old! Kristi and Jeff (and Gunnar) invited us to go to church with them and then have dinner (which was SO good, thanks Kristi!!). So I decided that I would tell my family to go to Kristis later for dessert and Rillz's birthday to surprise Rillz. He was so happy when he found out that we were celebrating his birthday. He was very appreciative. When present time came Gunnar wanted to do "Heavy heavy hangover" with every present. Gunnar is always so interested in peoples presents, but he is very good about just looking and being excited for that person receiving the gift, never grabby or mean. It's always fun getting together as a family!

Really dad?!? Must you wear that hat? You are in the United States now. It doesn't only look funky but it's also made out of felt. Looks like he is going to beer fest or something. Haha. I love you anyways dad!
Kristi made this banner. So cute! Great job Kristi.

Birthday fun.

We didn't have any candles for the AMAZING cake Heidi made for the party so Jeff goes into the garage and pulls out 2 emergency candles. They were big and made me laugh! Way to save the day in a BIG way Jeff. Haha!


HeidiT said...

I thinks it's the angle of the pic or something but Dad looks totally goofy in the hat picture (of course I'm sure it has something to do with the hat too) And thanks for posting a picture of me with my mouth wide open like a total weirdo! HaHa!
All that aside, it was great to celebrate. I think it's funny how close in age all of our significant others are!

Megan and Greg said...

Ha ha, the emergency candles- that's great. Cute pics! I love the ones of Gunnar putting them over Rillz's head! So funny!

Kristi M. said...

What a fun day! Gunnar loved having you guys with us. Heidi cracks me up. She looks like she is mad and screaming or mad and crying or maybe laughing. is pretty funny how everyone is so close in age.

Penny Cluff said...

Happy B day to Rilz. Sounds like a great party. The pic of you, Rilz, and the guys is suits is beautiful. Kind of GQ. Love.