Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentines Day

For valentines day my dad had asked Rillz to make dinner for the family, my dads 2 brothers, Ray and Spencer, and my great uncle Stan and Margene. Thats 15 people! So we said yes. Rillz and I cooked the food while my parents were at church. We started at 10 A.M. so dinner would be ready at 5. I actually helped a lot more than usual (I will be honest, I get lazy and weave myself out of the kitchen and onto the couch). But this time it wasn't like that. Rillz started the chicken cordon bleu while I made a yummy breakfast for us. Then I made heart shaped brownies just because. And then I made angel food cake for the dessert. Rillz then made some shrimp thingy out of ginormous shrimp and also twice baked potatoes (getting the potatoe out of the skin was stressing me out. I was attempting to help and kept ripping the skin, Yes I was really getting stressed!) Anyways, it was delicious and being with the whole family is the best thing EVER! So happy valentines day to us all! Oh speaking of valentines day, that movie was really cute! Talk about SO many famous stars in one movie!

Just hanging out waiting for dinner

Kristi and Rillz. Kristi has a little tiny baby bump! She is always so skinny that in this stage of pregnancy she just looks my size. She said she just looks fat... thanks Kristi, are you saying I'm fat... haha!

My heart brownies. I just had to decorate them. These are the only ones left by the time I took a picture. And sorry it's so dark.


Twice baked potatoes
The shrimp thingys
Chicken cordon bleu

All the guys on valentines day

I didn't get a picture of the girls because... well I was in it so it's not on my camera. And I forgot a picture of the dessert too. Oh-well

Ok gotta get back to spending my Sunday finishing my two weekend craft projects (which I will blog of course), cutting coupons from the newspaper, taking a nap cuz I have been up since 5:30 A.M., getting my eyes checked and probably picking out glasses, and watching olympics. Yeah, I have to get my eyes checked. I have been getting serious headaches and squinting A LOT more these last couple weeks. Alright peoples, thats all for now.


Kristi M. said...

That was such a fun night. Too bad you couldn't stay longer for mexican train dominos. I am so with you on twice baked potatoes. Those are major stressors and take huge amounts of time to make. I need to make a ton at one time and then freeze for later. You are so not fat. You have such a flat stomach. Your hips are jus wider than mine. I just look like a ate a gigantic meal or a girl beer gut. I just wish I was skinny or totally pregnant. In between stinks. Anyway, we need to have you guys over for the sweet pork and cilantro dressing. It was SOOOOO good! Gunnar is so cute in that guy picture with that rat looking dog. Can't wait to see your projects.

Megan and Greg said...

How fun! That food looked amazing. I love cooking. That's so funny what you said about Kristi's bump. So true. Most of us have a little bump without the help of a little one growing.