Sunday, March 21, 2010

The new motorcycle

Rillz has a new love.... his motorcycle. All he thinks, breathes, and talks about is his bike. Which is ok because all I typically talk about is coupons which has to get old for him so I don't mind. We got it from Harley Davidson, but no it is NOT a Harley. It is a Suzuki M50 Boulevard with 815 cc. Ok if I read that description without my recent research on bikes I would have no idea what that meant. Well, the Suzuki M50 Boulevard is just the Make and model of the bike and the 815 cc is how much power it has. Like little scooters have around 50-150 cc. Since Rillz got his bike Ren has been working and restoring his bike. Rillz has gone over to Rens a couple of times to talk bike. I swear they could both sit and stare at their bikes for hours. Boys will be boys. Happy bike riding darling!

His bike... The pictures don't show the true color. It is this pretty deep purple color. The pictures make it look blue.

I was driving behind him on the freeway and did think he looked cute on his bike!

You see that little tiny itsy bitsy seat behind his... thats my seat. I haven't actually ridden on it yet because his license doesn't allow it until he takes the STARS class in April. But, will my butt really fit on that? I guess we will find out.
Congratulations Rillz! Be safe and enjoy.


Kristi M. said...

He better enjoy it while he doesn't have any kids. Once they arrive, the bike may be no more. Happened to dad and happened to Jeff's dad too. :)