Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wow, lets play catch-up randomness for a while

Yeah, lets do. I have recent things and way old things I want to post today. First of all, ugh spring time change. The only good thing is it will be lighter outside at night! But waking up and it was already 9... so lame! Oh well.

So lately I have been working A LOT of overtime. This weekend I said NO! I wouldn't work overtime and it feels nice for a change. I usually don't mind because it means extra money but being away from home or not being able to have the choice of what to do for the day is exhausting. So, Friday night I went to the free comedy show. I expected a 30-40 year old man... he was probably 70 but so funny! Some of his talking was dirty and offensive and used quite a bit of fowl language but, call me horrible, I thought it to be hilarious. Within the first 5 minutes he offended a table of 8 old people that they all got up and left because he told an old person joke and aimed it towards them! Funny... but there was like only 30 something people in the room so it was like 1/3 of the room leaving. Then he told a native american joke and aimed it towards Rillz thinking he was native american. Rillz was like um no I am hawaiian phillipino. The guy Mike Wally Walter (the comedian) asked if he climbed pineapple trees growing up and Rillz goes.... um NO pineapples grow on bushes on the ground. It wasn't even supposed to be funny but it had me cracking up! Then he told plenty of sex, mexican, gay, divorce, cowboy jokes that were crude and funny. Anyways, I laughed and it was worth my free tickets!

Yesterday (Saturday) I woke up at 5:30 to take Rillz to work and it was snowing with layers of snow on the ground! Anyways, came back home got ready and at 7:20 took off to go to this big shirt sale of Shades clothing that were overstock and super cheap. Their were lots of women there! But lots of great clothes too. I called Heidi and Kristi and described what was there and asked what they wanted. Picked up shirts for them and my mom and of course the most for me. After seeing everything I bought Heidi goes, man if I were there I would have bought much more things! Yeah she would have, because I bought lots more being there than if I were just on the phone. So that was fun getting all that for everyone. Then I went to Kristi and Jeffs. Had breakfast, waffles, eggs, and burnt/not cooked enough bacon (but I love burnt bacon so good job Jeff)! The plan was to make hair flowers on alligator clips to sell at this festival that we do every year in June. It's is a cultural festival in Ontario, Oregon that we dance a hula performance but also have a booth that we sell food and items at too. So fun! I look forward to it every year now. So Kristi and I actually got a head start on making those. At 3 I had to pick up Rillz from work and Gunnar came with me because at 4:30 we were going to meet Brent at a car show. Gunnar thought we were going to a car show (like to the movie Cars). When I told him that, no it is seeing a bunch of old cars inside a building, he still was excited for it. Gunnar was so great for that 2 1/2 hours at the car show just walking around (it helps that a lot of booths offered candy).

This car was cute
Gunnars FAVORITE part! Spiderman also signed a card for him and now Gunnar is convinced that him and spiderman are friends! In line Gunnar was so cute, he would quietly practice his spiderman hand web pose. He was a great spiderman and took time with each kid!

How cute is this dairy truck with the cow couch. Notice the fake poo on the bottom right. Brent told Gunnar to touch it and Gunnar had this mortified look like, you want me to touch WHAT?!? and these guys behind us started cracking up.

This was a go-cart at a booth to promote an indoor go-cart place in Meridian. Gunnar was SO excited to sit in it and he said he crashed it and it exploded! Wow great imagination kid.

Gunnar loves fire trucks! After the car show we all went to Kristis for dinner. She made taco soup (which is delicious)! Thanks Kristi.
That was my Friday night and Saturday of not having to work! And today (Sunday) I am still in my robe at 11 a.m. typing away and have only done a load of dishes and nothing else! I do plan on doing homework, couponing, and hanging out with my little ex-sister-in-law, Katherine because I adore her and she is home from college for spring break!


Kristi M. said...

I totally would have ended up buying more from the Shade's sale if I was there too. Probably a good thing that I wasn't. I would have gotten some of those tank tops for sure. Thanks for getting those for me and I forgot to get you your money. Can you email the cars pictures for me to scrapbook. That is all that he talks about and he tells us that the orange truck was his very favorite. Thanks for taking him and hanging out with me almost all day. It was fun.


I want shade shirts! They don't have them here. LOVE the gunnar spider man pic- so funny and cute. Ok the comedian- haaa sounded like a funny night because you'd be laughing AT him all night-!