Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hawaii 2009 Part 1

I might actually get this Hawaii post done. These are the pictures I took through-out the week. I will post part 2 just about the wedding that the professional photographers took. So here it goes. Rillz and I went to Hawaii August 26-Sept. 4 for Girlie (his older sister) and David's wedding. It was on Oahu which is also where Rillz's family lives. We stayed at his parents in Pearl City and a couple days in Waikiki because thats where the wedding was. I LOVED his family! They cooked like crazy and I experienced so much! Lets just get to the pictures already...

This is at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Just thought it was pretty.
Got chicken? The guy in the blue shirt is Rillz's dad. He built this chicken rotating cooker thing. He is so talented.
These are some cousins at a family get together in front of the house.

This is Nikko. He is adorable. It's one of Rill'z cousins kids.
The the Polynesian Cultural Center. We were there all day. There is just so much to see and lots of crafts and games to do.

Rillz was volunteered to go on stage during a demonstration to try and make fire with a stick.

He got that headband from trying to make fire.
Ok, Giovanni's!!! It is a shrimp shack and is to DIE for. Oh the shrimp and rice just melt in your mouth. If there was only something compareable here. Giovanni's was also featured on the traveling channel. Now I know why... it's truly amazing.
Rillz with his plate from Giovanni's. I could have eaten two plates that day. Rillz's mom and dad eating their plate.

This is Rillz's high school beauty. He was so proud of his truck. Tell me not, doesn't it look like it belongs in Gangster town. Wut up dawg, lets crewz.

Can I just say, YUM! Lilikoi soda was a staple for me.
Me and Girlie. I am not sure where she got these foam pink glasses from but whatever, they were silly.

Rillz's dad with a shark jaw. He took the teeth off and is now Malu's collar. I have to make sure Malu doesn't rub against my leg because the teeth snag and make holes in whatever pants I am wearing. Kinda annoying but the collar looks so good on her.

Don't try and fix the coloring on your screen. I am really that white! Just got out of the ocean. This was the car we drove everywhere around the island. His brother got it for free from a friend.

The Rivera family. The really tall one is Girlie's new husband David

Rillz, Girlie, and Elmer. Girlie stole that dress from me. Yes, I was wearing it and she told me she wanted and needed it. So now she has it.
Some beach photos

Auntie Tessy (Rillz's mom) has these beautiful orchads. A lot of them and different kinds.

Girlie cooking in this big wok that Uncle Aurelio (Rillz's dad) made. This is Uncle Roger. Funny guy.
Elmer at the wedding . Drinking Heinikin the classy way. In a tea cup. See that cute little lady in the pink? Elmer had her laughing so hard. It was fun!

In the hotel elevator on our way to the wedding.
Elmer and Rillz in their suits they had to wear. Rillz's was samll and he couldn't button the buttons.

These were our food plates the first night we were in Hawaii. Talk about a meal.