Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Saturday far

It's only 10:30 on Saturday morning and my day is not going as planned.

Plans were:
*Get up early between 7-8
*Let dogs outside to play
*Finish homework that is due today
*Bissell my gross looking rug in my family room
*Eat Breakfast
*Pack some clothes (just in case I spend the night at my parents tonight)
*Get ready to leave the house
*Hit some yard sales around my area
*Go to Albertsons to use my doublers
*Go to school at 11
Ok that was just my morning plans. Here is what really has happened so far
*Woke up at 7, good start right?, oh wait fell back asleep because I had a terrible horrible sore throat.
*Woke up at 7:30 because my dog was banging the door open and shut to wake me up and get her outside. I successfully ignored her for 30 min. until she stopped banging the door and then I let her out.
*Returned to my bed and helped Simon (my other dog who hates going outside) on the bed because he is to fat and little to jump up by himself. Fell back asleep
*Woke up at 9 with a huge headache and still a terrible sore throat. Took sore throat meds, tylenol and mucus control meds.
*Finished my homework. Thats a good thing ; )
*Bisselled the gross rug. Still has stains from the dogs but at least now I know it is really clean. And I only bisselled it this morning because I have to give the bissell back to my mom after school today.
*Ate breakfast (corn pops cereal) while watching boring t.v.
*Kinda got ready to go to school. As in, wiped off yesterdays make-up and through on work out clothes. Why I can't wair cute clothes today... I don't know, don't feel like it I guess.
And thats all I actually got done. I have to be at school in 15 min. and still have a major headache and no motivation.
The rest of my day goes like this... get done with school, pack some clothes, pack the car with dogs and the bissell, and go to my parents to work on their yard for my moms birthday and then celebrate birthday and then I am supposed to go celebrate my two friends birthdays too but if this headache and light headedness continue I probably won't be able to do much but sleep and be lazy.
Well off to my 1 hour and 40 minute class I go. So not excited. Maybe I will bring snacks and eat my way through the time. Hmmm.... sometimes I have great ideas!


Kristi M. said...

On the way to the testing for Gunnar, we hit up a couple of yard sales. They were a dud. One of them actually had a Bumbo which I really want but it was pink. Bummer. One had a great, huge gardening book that I would have loved but they wanted $5 for it. At a yard way, I'll pass. I'm excited for yard sales.

Megan and Greg said...

Oh Mindy, I'm so sorry! You sound miserable! I really hope you didn't go do YARD WORK when your SICK! Are you crazy? Everyone's getting sick this week! I can't believe you wake up at 7am WILLINGLY. Oh man, never have, never will. I had no idea you were in school! You've never mentioned it before! What are you studying? And what the heck is a Bisell? Carpet cleaner? A machine?

katy said...

Sorry you are sick. I have to say though, I am very impressed that you were able to leave such a detailed blog in the middle of your crappy morning. You should count that as something. Hope you get feeling better. Seriously, I want to come yard selling with you guys again. That was so much fun. I worry just a little that you might be addicted, however. lol