Sunday, March 14, 2010

Here comes random

Ok so Rillz quit his Kanck Attack job back in January and has started helping out a friend for a while at a breakfast place called The Griddle until he can find a great job with benefits. He works about 40 hours a week compared to his 80 he was working and makes about the same pay for half the hours! So I get to see him more!

Also, I got eye glasses. I was getting really bad headaches, everyday, all day. I went to the eye doctor and he said my eyes weren't bad at all. I put the tester glasses on and it made quite a difference. I realized I was getting headaches because I had to squint so much. Even though the eye doctor said glasses weren't causing the headaches and my eyes really didn't need glasses I got them anyways. Rillz helped me pick them out, because believe me I would have picked dorky big framed bright ones that just weren't flattering. But he helped pick out very nice mature ones. I wear them mostly for computer, movie/t.v., and driving use. It has helped SO much! So thanks eye doctor... for nothing.

Here are my glasses. Yes, I am still in my robe with no make-up and hair not done. But I really don't care and just wanted to show my glasses. And yes, there is a fake cupcake in that shadow box behind me (there is a story behind it).

What else, Rillz bought a motorcycle. Pictures and details to come.

Jessica (my cousin, Cluff girl) and her husband Cody stayed with us while traveling to Auburn, Washington. That was fun! You know you are getting older when cousins call you to stay at your house instead of your parents! But I loved having them.

Um... oh we did a hula performance last Friday. It was a great crowd. Kristi is getting to big to fit in some outfits. I took a picture...

She is still not that big. For being due in about 4 months, she looks good!
All of us, boy have I been packing on some pounds too... unrelated to babies and all related to food!

These next two are from a performance February 5th. We just had some time to kill so took silly pictures on the hotel rolly thing. You can't even tell Kristi is pregnant in these ones.

We got Rillz's house rented out February 1st to an awesome tenant (at least I hope)! That was SUCH a blessing. With how many rentals are out there especially in that area I couldn't believe we got it rented out so quick. And we needed it rented out quick before some serious decisions were going to have to be made.

Lets see, lets talk couponing for a moment. Between 2/28-3/4 I bought 144 items at Albertsons. Without coupons or sales I would have spent 497.28. I spent 92.57 and saved with sales and coupons 404.71. Wow! Thats less than a dollar per item. I got expensive stuff too. That's awesome if you ask me!

Here are some old pictures of my dogs last summer. When I stayed at my moms house on the weekends I always brought my dogs. This particular Saturday we were bored so I took pictures of them...
Malu was still a puppy, about 8 months at this time, so she always played hard outside and then conked out on the couch. They are spoiled at my parents and get to sleep/lay on the couches. Definitely not at home! I thought she looked cute.
I didn't realize this one was sideways... haha sorry. Anyways she was patient and let me put the hat on her!
Simon with the hat

Malu fits the style of the hat better. If she were human, in this hat she would look like a rapper.

Cool boy.
I have plenty of more random old stuff I could post, you know like my Hawaii trip I took and failed to blog about any of it, but I better get out of my robe now that it is noon and clean, do homework, get ready for the day, coupon, and buy dog food because I am completely out, and I have Katherine coming over at 5. So until next time... peace and love.


Megan and Greg said...

I love your gangster dogs pics! I can't believe Rillz was working so much! I'm glad he got a new job. You should post about Hawaii!!!

katy said...

I love your glasses. You look cute. Funny Jess stayed with you. I never knew where she ended up staying. I am with Megan about the Hawaii thing.

Kristi M. said...

Your glasses thing is so mental. hehe. I had the same headache problem when I worked years ago, went to the doctor, nothing seriously wrong, bought $200 glasses (totally stupid), wore them for the computer etc and now don't wear them because I never had a problem. Nice I know. Can you send those hula pictures over as well. Another scrapbooking/memory moment. Wow, you are digging into the past with this post. I had to laugh. We are also glad that Rillz doesn't work as much. We actually get to see him!


Ok first of all- you have no gained weight! and if you have- you must have been really skinny because I think you look great! Second- the glasses are really cute! I think it'd be fun to get the big framed glasses too, but Mike would die if I did. Glad you guys got the house rented, it's so hard right now. That is amazing with your coupon savings!

Penny Cluff said...

First, the glasses, so Mindy. Cute.
Second, couponing. Jessi said your freezer was wall to wall yummy choices.
Third, the dogs, Jess thought she might be allergic, but she and Cody loved staying with you. Funny they were there and your Mom was here with me.