Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday!

It's Friday... Woohoo! I am still sick but oh-well. So, the apprentice last Sunday was good. Sinbad definitely was a good choice to go. And The Parenthood on Tuesday is still awesome! An hour a week is just not long enough. Something about that show just makes me happy. Last night I was sitting on my couch and look over at one of my lampshades and said "Rillz, I think I need to recover these lampshades with super cute fabric... don't you?" His response "Oh boy, we are going to be those old people with a house that has all outdated handmade stuff everywhere." Haha. It made me laugh. I have just been in a SUPER crafty mood. I made an example of Kristi's baby present already and it is soooo stinkin cute. I am obsessed and going to make more and more this weekend! The weather should be nice so I am going to do more lawn stuff. Kill trees, weed, mow, organize, you know stuff like that.

One last thing... Rillz can tell you this too but I have been overly baby crazy lately. I want a baby bad. But I absolutely know now is not the time for me to have babies because 1) Rillz and I are not married yet (hopefully soon...did you read that Rillz..hehe) 2) Rillz needs to find a great job with great benefits 3) Well, those first two pretty much cover it.
So no baby for a while for me. :(


Danielle said...

Ha- that is funny what Rillz said about being old with a bunch of homemade stuff. Helloooooo? Doesn't he get the point? Since you home-make it all you can change it all with the style changes over the years! Silly men. :)

I know what you mean with the whole baby hungry deal. I think you are wise to wait until you guys are married and have steady job and stuff though. Hope you get feelin better soon!

Kristi M. said...

Totally funny about the "handmade" stuff. So he would rather pay a lot of money in the store for something that will also be outdated later down the road. That is why you do it yourself. Silly guy! You can borrow my baby. Getting married...good. Waiting to have kids until the perfect moment comes up...will never happen. If we waited to have kids when it all aligned, it would never happen, granted insurance is great but payment plans are there for a reason. It will all happen when it needs to happen.

Megan and Greg said...

Baby hungry. I know what that's like. Unfortunately there's only one cure and that's a baby. Sorry you're sick. Everyones sick!