Thursday, March 18, 2010

new favorite t.v. show

While the little boy I nanny for is singing, pooping, playing with toilet and telling me to go away on the potty, I decided to write a blog entry real quick. Who knows how long he will be in there. 3 year olds I tell ya. Anyways, I am obsessed with the new show Parenthood. The show started 3 weeks ago and I love love love it! It's about one family. Kinda reminds me of Brothers and Sisters (I think thats what it is called, right Heidi? I know you are in love with that one) but it is not as political and Parenthood is more everyday situations some families deal with. Ex. one of the daughters had to move back with her parents with her 2 kids, one family just had a child diagnosed with Aspergers at age, looks like maybe 8. And his sister looks like a goody good but she bought pot and her cousin got the blame for it. Another son was deciding whether to propose to his girlfriend and just discovered he has a, I think, 4 year old son but still hasn't told his girlfriend. Anyways, it's a great comedy/drama show and I am falling in love with the t.v. family!

Also, I think I am going to get hooked on this seasons Celebrity Apprentice. I watched the first one on sunday and was SO into it! I definitely don't think the comedy girl, Carol Leifer, should have gone. I thought the '80's star, Holly Robinson Peete, curly haired bossy girl should have gone. Of course Cyndi Lauper could not go on the first round. She is too big of a star. And Sharon Osborne is just so excited to watch. I adore her! And Curtis Stone... a handsome fellow with talent. Rod Blagojevich the former Illinois Governer is just retarded and did a terrible job at being a waiter. I can't wait for the next episode on Sunday!

Well, I am glad I finally found shows that I LOVE and have the channels that don't cut in and out to watch. Like Fox, at my house I don't get good enough reception to watch it. Bummer.

Oh also, I am thinking of trying to become a newspaper carrier. I love waking up early anyways, a little extra income never hurts, and it is not difficult to do. Any thoughts anybody?
And, I started my post on Hawaii but I can't seem to finish it. There are SO many pictures so I will take my time but at least I have started on it. Thats progress! Well, Jack is off the potty and out of the bathroom and we are going for a walk in the sunshine!
Peace and Love to all!


Megan and Greg said...

It's always great to find some good tv. As horrible as it CAN be, everyone just needs to zone out to a little guilty pleasure sometimes.

katy said...

I am afraid for you to do papers. Natalie and Cori did it and it really messed them up for awhile. They were miserable. If you try it don't become dependent on the money. That way if you need to you can quit fast. I have never heard of Parenthood. Sounds like it's worth a try.