Sunday, March 21, 2010


I know...whats new. It is probably getting boring reading these couponing posts. But they are mostly for me for when I am older and can remember the things I did. So here goes.

I got:

15 cans of cream of mushroom- .25 cents a piece

9 cans of cream of chicken- .25 cents a piece

6 bags of tortilla chips (3 were the hint of lime kind... oh my gosh the best!)- $1 a bag

3 packages of oscar meyer chicken deli meat- $1 a package

3 packages of oscar meyer turkey deli meat- $1 a package

All for $18. I didn't keep the receipts but I am pretty sure I must have had a catalina to use because I don't think I paid that much. Not sure. So the maximum I would have paid is $18. Which for 36 items is pretty darn good!

I got this at Walgreens. We needed band-aids and zyrtec allergy meds. Rillz gets bad allergies sometimes and his fingers are always getting really dried and cracked so he goes through a lot of band-aids. For all this I paid $23.50 and still have a $5 register reward. I saved $55. So with no sales and coupons I would have paid about $75 for all this.

I got 28 boxes of post cereal for $8.82. The night before I did this deal I went on post website to see what kinds of cereal they had. I asked Rillz what kind he wanted and named them off. His response while half listening to me was, " I really don't care, get whatever." So I said ok cool. So I get my cereals and name them off to Rillz. I got to the part mentioning "and I just got two boxes of fruity pebbles to maybe use for rice crispy treats or something" and get this response "fruity pebbles!!!! I LOVE fruity pebbles. The milk after you eat them is SO good and I LOVE cocoa pebbles". Are you series! You love fruity pebbles and failed to mention it and I didn't even buy cocoa pebbles. But oh jeez we have a whole stack of honey bunches of oats. So Heidi was so kind to share some of her left over post cereal coupons and I took Rillz to Albertsons to pick whatever 8 boxes he wanted. There is also a new Cupcake pebbles. It smelled like yummy frosting but just tasted like over sugared pebbles. Not really like a cupcake or anything near it. So not pictured in this post Rillz also got 8 boxes of post cereal, tropicana orange juice, 18 pack of eggs, and one gallon of milk for $4.50. And we have a $5 catalina to use on our next shopping trip.


Kristi M. said...

I have pictures of my most recent couponing trips (including the nightmare), that I need to write about too. I am also headed out to get the 9 things of icecream tomorrow. Can't wait. I wonder how many will make it to Gunnar's b-day. Just kidding...maybe.